Complete Beginners Guide to Squirting

by | Nov 28, 2021

Beginners guide to squirting

Some people hastily conclude squirting is fake, perhaps because they failed to recreate the sort of squirting scene they see in porn. However, this is not enough to conclude squirting is fictional. It’s just that every woman can’t do it at will.

Squirting is real; fluid release during sex can be traced back to the Chinese Taoist text of the 4th century. Also, the famous Kama Sutra and other sex manuals of many centuries back also vaginal fluid release. In this squirting guide, we shall discuss what squirting is, the supplies you need for squirting, the simple steps to make yourself squirt during sex with your partner or solo play with your sex toys, and how to go about squirting with being messy.

What is Squirting?

Squirting means releasing fluid from the vulva during sex, pleasure, or orgasm. The fluid may be released through the urethra. Squirting happens when the surrounding erectile tissue or G-spot is stimulated. The G-spot is a small area located on the vagina’s anterior (front) wall, toward the belly button. It’s about one-third to halfway inside the vagina; when aroused, your urethral sponge gets filled with blood, and its glands fill with fluid, causing the G-spot to swell and feel firm. This is why most squirting happens through G-spot stimulation.

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While pornstars squirting are often huge with the fluid splashing everywhere, that’s not the case with everyone. It might be a drip, dribble, or gush. It all depends on the body. You don’t even notice you get up to see the wet spot containing your fluid milk in many cases. Squirting is not pee; it gives women a very pleasurable sexual experience from the rush of fluid to orgasm, and the sexual stimulating it’s indeed a loaded sexual experience. Most women who have experienced squirting see it as the pinnacle of orgasm. But as they say, you may never know until you try. So, let’s take a look at how to squirt in a fun and adventurous way.

Getting the Right Supplies is Key!

But before you proceed, you need to get your bed ready to prevent things from getting messy. Lay down your towels or cover the bed with old shower curtains or special sheets.

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If you are squirting your hands alone won’t do the trick for the first time, you need to get some sex toys ready. For one, get yourself a G-spot vibrator. This sex toy is carefully designed to hit your G-spot and stimulate it without much effort from you. You just have to insert it at your public bone.

Alternatively, you can get a G-spot dildo if you are not a fan of vibrators or trying to avoid the intense sensation that comes from vibrators. And to stimulate your G-spot and clit simultaneously, the G-spot rabbit vibrator will be best for you.

Other toys you can use to stimulate your body are Hitachi Magic Wand or an anal dildo. Further, be sure to have some water-based lube close to you. If you are just starting your squirting journey, it’s best to use water-based lube with toys because silicone lube can break silicone toys anytime.

Ultimately, to relax your mind and awake sensual feelings, create a comfortable atmosphere. It may be soft sexy music, burning a candle, or just leaving the room calm, depending on what works best for you.

Getting Down to Business Proper: How to Have a Pleasurable Squirting Experience

  • Avoid Excessively High Expectations

The way those who have experienced squirting explain the feeling that comes with squirting to you or what you see in porn may make you feel pressured and have too many expectations.

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If it’s your first trial, don’t expect too much. Take time to understand how your body works.

  • Be Relaxed

Whether alone or with your partner, it’s essential for you to get in the right mindset. You are relaxed and in the mood. Avoid stressing about something else like work, the kids, or other responsibilities.

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Being relaxed allows your body to respond to stimulations easily. The essence of the whole thing is to enjoy sexual pleasure. So, enjoy the sensations your body is feeling. That’s when squirting can happen. But if you’re stressing, it will never happen.

  • Stimulate Your Clitoris

As you start the process, the first thing is to focus on stimulating your clitoris because that brings blood into the area and gets your G-spot ready for action. A rabbit vibrator can help in this situation as it vibrates the G-spot internally and the clits externally.

  • Give Yourself Enough Time to Get Turned On

Just be patient with your body and yourself, don’t rush things. It may take time to feel the sensation but don’t rush. Let the vagina and vulva be at full capacity for arousal. The vagina typically gets wet when you get aroused, the clitoris and labia swell and get darker, and everything becomes more sensitive. This heightened state of arousal is a precursor to squirting because to build up to a final release; you have to be willing to take the ride up to the top.

  • Then Stimulate The G-spot More

Once your clits stimulation gets you turned on, insert your ring finger and middle finger into the vagina and rub the G-spot. When you hit the G-spot, you will feel a pleasurable sensation because you touch a zone different from other parts of the vagina. Rub the G-spot continuously for an extended period. As do this, the angle of the urethra is changing to the bladder, making it much easier for the fluid to be expelled.” To increase your chances of squirting, relax the pelvic floor muscles as you stimulate the G-spot.

  • Don’t Tighten Your Pelvic Floor Muscles

When the sensation starts to build up, it will feel like you’re about to pee when you need to control your pelvic floor muscle. You don’t need to tighten the pelvic floor muscles; just push out, like you push out the pee. It may take practice perfect.


We can expect that this detailed girls guide to squirting can assist you in making the most of your squirting adventure, whether alone or with your partner. Meanwhile, it’s vital to reiterate that not every woman squirting is like what you see in porn. Some women can’t squirt, and others can only squirt sometimes. Don’t be too hard on yourself; that’s how your body works. If you’re with your partner, let your mutual sexual pleasure and satisfaction be your sole purpose.



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